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Poster: light into ashes Date: Jun 6, 2012 12:13am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: New 1971 Studio Rehearsal

A new studio tape has finally been digitized & circulated online - a Dead rehearsal from February 1971, running over some of the new songs before the Capitol Theater shows.

The tape itself is not new - collectors had it years ago, and it was reviewed in the Taping Compendium back in '98. I believe it's new to the online digital world, though. It's shown up at Lossless Legs & should be here before long.

The rehearsal itself is pretty interesting, if you're into basic 1971-era runthroughs. There are no jams here!
They try out Playing in the Band, Bird Song, Greatest Story, and Wharf Rat.
Playing is rather tricky for them, and it takes a few tries to make it all the way through. The arrangement's a little different as they haven't quite worked it out yet.
Bird Song is fascinating to hear - this is the only time the Dead tried it in the studio (aside from the Sept '71 rehearsals with Keith).
Greatest Story is funny because Garcia has totally not got the hang of the song yet. No wah-wah either - he briefly tries a country-pickin' solo, but otherwise screws up right & left.
Garcia has his revenge with Wharf Rat, throwing off the others with his timing. It's a very young, naked rendition; a lot like the first live versions.

There are a couple filler tracks, which are actually the highlights.
First up is an instrumental studio Other One>Cryptical from the late '67 Anthem sessions. This one's new to me - it's not the same as the one on the '67 outtakes here, but has more spirited playing. Very cool to hear them groove on Cryptical for a few minutes.
(It would be really nice if more of the '67 outtakes could show up online - there's a lot more on tape that STILL hasn't gone digital.)

Then we get Candyman, an alternate mix from American Beauty. (This one has been on bootleg before, I believe.) And it's VERY alternate - first off, Garcia's lead vocal has been wiped so it's mostly instrumental; also there is an extra lead guitar that was not used in the final mix, and a lot more pedal steel; also the fadeout goes on for a minute longer than the album cut, with chanting & organ & guitar all droning on in mellow bliss, unlike anything else in the Dead catalog. They made it much simpler for the album.

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